1*4 VPN is a new kind of VPN that works on the basis of the world's fastest DNS-server. Thus, the provider will not be able to track which site you visited, and even more so will not record the statistics of your visits to web resources. Using a 1*4 VPN with a DNS-server will allow you to make requests not using an IP address that the computer recognizes, but using this DNS-technology. You can download the official version VPN for your operating system for free by going to our website and selecting the appropriate file to install. VPN is compatible with Windows, Android, Mac OS, iOS, Linux.

Program technologies

In order for VPN to work without interruptions and protect your data, the developers have approved three main technologies

  • DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPS with improved security of personal data during a request on the Internet.
  • CDN - reduces ping or response while accessing the server and entering the desired request.
  • WARP – absolute privacy on the Internet.

Thanks to VPN technologies, it encrypts the request from the provider to which you are connected, thereby giving you the opportunity and access to private resources.

How to use VPN

To use a VPN, you need to connect to the Internet, it can be Wi-Fi or Ethernet, but taking into account the settings, one and the other, they are slightly different. Therefore, the user needs to repeat the process for each network separately, which you plan to use. For all devices, the primary address is the DNS-server Cloudflare -


1*4 VPN - this program has excellent protection of your data, which the bot will not be able to recognize, thereby you will not get into the statistics of visitors to a closed resource.